Comments from a 2015 Stanford University department staff Restorative Nature Practice™  retreat:

  • “Thank you Lonner for a wonderful staff development experience! [You were] warm, engaging, connected and great leadership.”  C.P.
  • “Cool to imagine nature out there looking back at me.” D.Y.
  • “[This] experience has taught me to pause more, listen more, breathe more deeply in nature and how I can take the time, even in small snippets, throughout the day.” V.C.
  • “[The] early childhood landscape sensory meditation… is a great activity to demonstrate how thinking about an environment in a focused way is very much like truly going there in reality.” C.S.
  • “You reminded me of a part of myself that has been dormant. I am excited to reconnect with nature.” J.
  • “Thank you Lonner for taking me back to my roots! You’ve inspired me to get out more…” C.C.



“During the fourteen years that I have known Lonner Holden, we have climbed mountains together, run marathons and raised children. When I was in a near-death situation, Lonner was my eyes, ears and mind. He is knowledgeable and skilled in the outdoors, intuitive, wise and an amazing problem solver. His ability to see forward, insuring nothing is overlooked before starting an adventure, is invaluable.”

Lauren C., California
Athlete & Health Educator


“To Lonner, the wild is a shared communion between nature and people. He approaches this relationship with spiritual pragmatism,  beautifully integrating the contemplative spirit  with an  equally compelling interest  to share his knowledge, teach new skills, and instill confidence for each individual.   He offers the  ability to create community, while respecting each person’s need for solitude and quiet reflection. While hiking with Lonner, I also found my own writing voice.  His presence, compassion, and respect for nature ignited my own journey into the source of creativity. Adventure at its’ most passionate has been with Lonner as naturalist, forecaster, story teller, educator, and poet of instinctual wisdom, and deep connection to the wilderness.”

Carole P., California
University faculty; Counselor and Personal Coach


“The best backpacking experience I have ever been on was with Lonner. On our ten day trip through Canyon country in 2011, including 6 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Lonner’s attention to safety and good planning was a lesson for all backcountry travelers.”

Steven R., Alaska
Educator & Celebrity


“In 2009 I led Lonner Holden and a small group of climbers up 14K’ Mt. Shasta. Lonner came fully prepared and was the only one to summit with me. The next morning, one of the climbers who failed to summit showed advancing signs of pulmonary edema.  We needed to get the climber down ASAP. Lonner used his Backcountry Acupressure First-aid skills to open the climber’s airways while the rest of the team broke camp.  It worked like a charm. The sick climber was able to hike to a lower altitude and made a full recovery. Lonner’s positive attitude, organizational skills, determination, and medical training give him the “right stuff” and make him a great asset to any outdoor endeavor.”

Ted C., California
Mountaineer and Outdoor Leader of 40 years


“Having known Lonner for nearly four decades, I am pleased to acknowledge his expertise in backpacking throughout Canyon Country. We have run the Colorado River together and hiked countless miles inside the Grand Canyon.  Lonner can be trusted and depended on for any wilderness experience, whether it be Alaska or the deserts of the Southwest.”

Harry R.
Southwest Tour Guide

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